Unleashing feminine authentic leadership!

Women do face specific challenges at the work place. The good news is that these challenges can be leveraged into as many opportunities to take your leap.

Common areas for coaching women include:

Finding their own management style

Assessing credibility and legitimacy, building internal and external visibility

Taking up their full natural space while following their intuition

Caring and daring, despite the many clichés alive

Breaking the glass ceiling while being inspired and authentic

Delegating with the right balance



I support ORGANISATIONS to develop and successfully implement:

Taylor-made individual coaching programs

programs for women with potential

Targeted leadership development programs

Women retention and succession planning

Gender balance
awareness and male sponsorship campaigns

An innovative culture of inclusion and empowerment

Gender neutral performance and leadership models

I support WOMEN grow as leaders through tailor-made coaching:

Before and after maternity leave

While taking responsibility for a new team

To raise internal visibility and self-marketing

To go from great manager to inspirational leader

To boost assertiveness and self-confidence

To proactively manage conflicts

To assess career aspirations and define action plan

To assume the role model they are and keep their own authentic style

I witnessed, experienced, developed, observed, tested, implemented, experimented a wide range of pragmatic and innovative tools, exercises, best practices which actually support, reveal and enable women.
Having interviewed, recruited, supported and coached high-end international executives for the last 15 years, I also observed specific moments in a woman’s life when some targeted and appropriate coaching makes wonders.
Maternity being definitely one of them, which I particularly cherish.

 Feel free to contact me, I welcome the opportunity to learn about you !