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“Organization, team and executive coaching”

Sectorial experience :

I am dedicated to coaching and consulting that are impactful, smart, action-oriented and authentic.

Strong of 20 years of broad and pragmatic experience in international management consulting, executive search and executive coaching, I am your natural business partner in talent management and leadership development.





Alignment before change management

I offer development programs for whole organizations as well as teams and leaders. TOGETHER, we design and implement innovative and customized programs focusing on your needs.

TEAM coaching

Leadership development program

Team building workshop, event, retreat

Crisis coaching, conflict mediating

Workshop to revisit corporate identity (vision, mission, values, internal branding)

Transition from a successful start up to a structured professional SME

Change management facilitation


Keep & Boost your talents !

There are as many benefits of coaching to the executive being coached than to his organization.


Leadership skills development

Awareness and acceptance of executive strengths and development needs

Greater work-life balance, burn out prevention

Positive and sustainable behavior change (for abrasive leaders for example)

Enhanced career planning and performance development with action-oriented plan

FOR THE ORGANIZATION, coaching can be a pivotal leverage of talent management in:

Turnover reduction and top performers retention

Employer branding: shows management’s commitment to employees growth and well being

Recruitment attractiveness: especially towards  “generation y” and “Millenials”

Burn-out prevention

Succession planning

Improved gender balance at managerial level thanks to targeted coaching for women with potential

Productivity positively impacted by a better work environment

My experience:

As a former international consultant and team-leader, I have experienced similar professional challenges.

As a former head hunter, I interviewed, recruited and supported countless high-end international executives. I know what it takes to succeed in interviews and strive in the corporate world.

As an ICF-certified professional coach (PCC), I operate under a set of high standards and competencies which are recognized internationally.

The coaching process:

On average, the program takes 4 to 6 months, with 5 to 8 sessions via Skype or face-to-face (completed with short-notice phone discussions and e-mail exchanges in between).
Coaching provides clarity while moving executives toward actions that assist them in attaining their goals.
We start with an initial meeting to ensure there is a fit between the executive and the coach. This intake session is essential to define specific and meaningful objectives to both the coachee and his management.
Our clients choose the content and focus of each conversation, while the coach listens, asks questions, and provides observations.
In subsequent meetings we discuss overall plans and activities to reach agreed upon goals.
The coach may conduct assessment activities using a 360-degree feedback instrument and/or face-to-face interviews to gather insights, perspectives and feedback.
Together, the executive and the coach determine the frequency of meetings and successful outcomes.
Ultimately, we provide options, suggest approaches and facilitate the sharing of ideas, serving as catalysts for the process of change.

3) Team coaching
For teams to perform & have fun

What do great teams do that others don’t?

Fundamentally, high performing teams know how to connect, in specific ways that result in exceptional and measurable results.
As shown by extensive research, team performance depends only from:

– Communication quality, openness and the team’s desire for collective achievement
– Its capacity to practice active listening, cooperate and share, while recognizing others’ contributions.
– Its leader, as a pilot, representing both the team and the management

What team coaching will bring?

Through brief and dedicated team workshops, the team and the coach will:

– Observe both collective and individual barriers to lift them
– Observe the group’s dynamics including decision making processes, individual engagement level, conflict management preference, leadership styles, actual autonomy etc.
– Assess the team’s culture and be aware of each member’s role in the group (from M. Belbin’s group role theory)
– Detect power games and interrupt the dramatic triangle
– Build a new collective and federating vision
– Build mutual trust and understanding, fostering alignment
– Approach the corporate change or transition period to come (following a merger or acquisition for example) with confidence and detachment

Feel free to contact me to hear about my team building workshops, inspirational speakers, group activities and venues for teams to transform, perform and have fun !