Rosace provides professional coaching and talent management consulting tailored to each client

Why choose us

Over 15 years of experience in management consulting, executive search and organization coaching for multinational corporations give me solid insights into the many challenges of today’s business leaders.
I had to embrace organizational change, restructure the team I had developed when operations relocated outside Europe.
Today I actively support managers to successfully reach their development objectives, enhance working relationships, improve team and organizational performance.

I thrive to create a meaningful dialogue with clients, to give them the confidence and clarity to move on and take action. Transformation needs to be sustainable to make sense, and therefore is followed through by managing accountability.  
My clients say that I bring a warm, deep though fun and engaging presence to our work.

I coach organizations, teams or individuals to support your strategic workforce planning and talent management policy.

Early on in my career, I experienced the entire corporate life cycle of a fast growing American start up (founding a first office in Europe), before preparing and going through one of the most successful IPO’s in Nasdaq’s history in 1999, doubling size every few months, going through massive recruitment and re-organization (silo, matrix, processes, ISO certification) and undergoing major restructuration (social plan, outsourcing, delocalization of operations) and finally merging a first time in 2004.
Then and for the last 10 years, as an executive search consultant, I supported talent acquisition for dozens of multinationals. I modeled the impact of talent management on the actual delivery of business goals and outperformance culture.

What makes me tick: everything done to attract, recruit, retain, develop, engage, reward and make people perform ! 

As a former executive search consultant, with international experience across industries and functions, with two career transitions not to mention motherhood, I know what it takes to find your own answers to this simple question:
“What shall my next job be and how will I land it ?”
First, as a coach, I will question, challenge, encourage and also gently confront you: you will become who you are.Then, as a former headhunter, I will guide you to refine your resume, Linked In profile, search strategy, company target list and pro-active networking program.
As a woman, a spouse, a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a role-model, a professional, a citizen and a coach, I believe women can have it all, and even more !

Like for me, it is possible for you to change career AND learn, go through a merger AND grow from it, relocate abroad AND re-build, multitask AND prioritize, grow older AND enjoy it, love your children AND take time for yourself.

Together, we shall reassess the feminist narrative so you define what ambition and quality of life mean TO YOU. Then we shall work on rebalancing your own work/life/ambition/values/family/couple/self/heart/brain/sport/sleep/action/being equation.

A French national born in 1975, I lived and worked in France, the UK, Belgium, the USA and now Switzerland. I coach in both French and English.

What clients say

« Catherine has been a catalyst for me. During our first sessions, she did not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that could be considered a different way, and proved to be right 100% with her observations and suggestions. I understood my challenges and learned to identify the performance issues holding me back. I am now more in control of my life, with a sustainable and high level of motivation. A new paradigm to me.»

Roberts, MORE HERE
« Catherine est pour moi une coach exceptionnelle : outre sa grande capacité d’écoute et son empathie constante, Catherine redonne de l’énergie et une trajectoire sûre à quiconque veut avancer dans sa carrière et en développement personnel. »
Cécile P. , Sollicitor, British Telecom, MORE HERE
“My coaching with Catherine has been a transformational journey for me. I was recovering from a professional burn-out. Catherine listened, foremost, and helped me identify the challenges I was having. She guided me in addressing them in a methodical way, and showed me the tools to continue on the path to successful job search. My career transition has been much easier and more natural than I thought. I am very thankful for her solid guidance and support.”
Ann C., Marketing Director EMEA, Consumer goods company, MORE HERE
« Catherine m’a aidé à redéfinir mes objectifs professionnels qui, grâce à son accompagnement, ont tous été couronnés de succès. Elle m’a permis d’accélérer dans ma carrière mais aussi de me recentrer sur l’essentiel pour un meilleur équilibre entre carrière, famille et développement personnel. Je la recommande pour son expérience et son professionnalisme exceptionnels ! »

Nicolas P., Directeur Affaires Européennes @ Bruxelles, MORE HERE

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