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Le CREDIR, pour prévenir l’épuisement professionnel, rebondir après le burn-out et affronter la transition professionnelle des cadres dirigeants et chefs d’entreprises Le CREDIR est un dispositif associatif unique en Europe (basé à Colmar, France) dédié à la transition professionnelle des cadres dirigeants, particulièrement dans un contexte d’épuisement professionnel ou de burn-out. Le CREDIR est aussi [...]

Le CREDIR2021-11-03T08:46:22+01:00

Authentic Leadership: business impact

By Anka Wittenberg, Senior Vice-president and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at SAP   Workplace diversity is a top goal for companies of all sizes today. Research shows that enterprises which include people of both genders and of multiple generations, cultures and physical abilities increase their productivity, improve the effectiveness of their employee teams and better their bottom [...]

Authentic Leadership: business impact2021-11-03T08:46:22+01:00

Why diversity matters

New research makes it increasingly clear that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially. See this recent report from Vivian Hunt, Dennis Layton and Sarah Prince for McKinsey & Company Publications. Executive summary extract: The relationship between diversity and performance highlighted in the research is a correlation, not a causal link. This is an [...]

Why diversity matters2021-11-03T08:46:22+01:00

Career Transition

How do you know if now is a good time to change career direction? The reality is that job loss and job creation are natural components of the world of work. It happens all the time to varying degrees.  So there probably isn’t one perfect time to change jobs or careers. The decision depends a [...]

Career Transition2021-11-03T08:46:22+01:00

Women in business : the path to leadership

A recent and sound report based on an extensive global survey, looking at the latest progress of gender diversity in business leadership. No revolutionary findings (yes, women work differently than men, parenthood requires women to make sacrifices) but the merit of stating the too often undermined obvious (a third of the businesses still have NO [...]

Women in business : the path to leadership2021-11-03T08:46:22+01:00
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