Boost your career ! 

Coaching is a significant and transformational journey, an investment in YOUR future, with high returns on investment.

Professional one-to-one coaching and career counseling

Coaching is a significant and transformational journey, an investment in your future, with high returns on investment.
Is it for you ?
You may consider having a first discussion if:

You want to dare put yourself forward, negotiate, ask for a promotion, speak in public

You want to proactively rethink your professional project, taking the time to answer key questions and develop a road map

You are at a crossroad in your professional life, preparing for a major change (expatriation, maternity, sabbatical, pension)

You want to have more presence, charisma, self-esteem

You need to clarify your personal goals and have a concrete action plan

You envisage of a career assessment, a reorientation of your professional project

You want to be better at managing stress and improve your self-confidence

You want to be better at managing stress,  restore self-confidence and improve leadership skills

You don’t know how to cope with a conflict at work

You want to re-focus on what really matters and utilize your full potential


Why me?

  • As a former international consultant and team-leader, I understand your professional challenges in depth.
  • As a former head hunter, I interviewed, recruited and supported countless high-end international executives. I know what it takes to pass interviews and strive in the corporate world.
  • As a Professional Certified Coach (ICF-certified, PCC level), I operate under a set of high standards and competencies which are recognized internationally.

Your results:

You will understand what kept you from unleashing your full potential

You will know what you can and want to accomplish, at work and in your life

You will have developed your personal action plan with concrete KPIs

You will be clearer and confident about taking action now to get there tomorrow

The process:

On average, the program takes 4 to 6 months, with 5 to 8 sessions via Skype or face-to-face in Switzerland, or Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg etc. Plus ad-hoc phone discussions and e-mail exchanges in between

Coaching AND counseling: for clients actively engaged into job search, a session may take the form of a mock competency-based interview, CV reworking or advice session on proactive networking strategy for example. These are not typical coaching sessions.